In addition to locks we also service and install all kinds of doors, door frames and door closers. A lock is useless if the door and frame it is connected to are defective. 

Herculite Glass Doors

glass1 glass2

Do you have a glass door? Is it dragging? Or maybe it won't open and close properly. We are Herculite door experts and can fix any problems you are having with your glass doors, and even install new ones for you. 


Door Frames and New Doors

frame before frame after

Sometimes you can only adjust a door so much, and you end up needing a new door and/or frame. Not only does a new door and frame look beautiful but it will work perfectly because it is brand new - opening and closing easily, smoothly and quietly. We can even install concrete-filled door frames for added security.


Doors Closers


 Door slamming? Or maybe not closing hard enough? We can repair your door closer for you, or if it is beyond repair install a new one as a replacement. We work on all kinds of door closers including concealed closers for glass doors, automatic closers and the more common door closer seen above.