Don't let our old-school appearance fool you - our staff here at Greenwich Locksmiths are electronic security experts! We were one of the first shops to start doing alarm and CCTV systems in the 80's and have kept up with the technology ever since.

Some of our services include:


Installation & Configuration of Security Cameras and Internet Streaming on Mobile Devices

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and services CCTV systems

If you need your existing CCTV system upgraded or repaired, or need a brand new one freshly installed we can help. We can convert your old analog system to digital or IP and configure your DVR to stream the footage over your internet connection to your Apple or Android device. You will be able to watch live footage and review archived footage from the convenience of your phone or tablet.


Installation & Service of Keri and HID Access Control Systems

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and services a wide range of access control products

Do you have an access control system and lost the documentation? Perhaps you need to add more users or need more cards? We service and install access control systems whether they use proximity cards, numerical keypads, biometrics or all of the above! Remote administration software allows you to manage users via remote. Perhaps you want to give someone a pass code that works only one time or you want to see an audit trail of who is going where - anything is possible and more affordable than you think.


Installation and Service of Single and Multi-Unit Intercom Systems

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and services a wide range of intercoms

We service and install both video intercoms and traditional audio intercoms, single and multi-unit. We can also upgrade existing audio-only intercom systems to video systems without rewiring the building.


Installation and Service of Magnetic Locks and Electric Strikes

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and services magnetic locks and electric strikes

Any access control system is no good if the electronic locks attached to them are not installed properly! We install all types of magnetic locks, electric strikes and electric bolts. Lots of security companies just handle the software and readers and do not provide lock installation services. We provide both, allowing us to give you better prices by combining software/hardware setup into one job.