The most common reason for calling us is to change your locks - fit your lock to new keys so the old ones no longer work. We proudly charge a $125 flat rate to change any lock. No matter what kind of deadbolt, door knob of any kind, Medeco, Mul-T Lock etc. we will re-key it for $125. This may sound higher than the $25 service call our competitors claim, but once you are done with their hidden fees and charges it will come out to as much as if not more than $125. Think about it - how can anyone possibly stay in business charging $25 for a licensed locksmith to drive to you in a company vehicle and provide you with a quality lock or cylinder? 


A jimmy-proof deadbolt is the most cost effective way to secure your door here in NYCA jimmy-proof deadbolt is the most cost effective way to secure your door here in NYCIn addition to changing your locks, we recommend all New Yorkers have a jimmy-proof deadbolt on their door. The reason a jimmy-proof deadbolt is more secure is because it attaches to the door frame (as shown in the photo) making it much harder to kick in your door. Many Manhattan apartments already have a jimmy-proof deadbolt on the door but the tenant never gets the keys. Take advantage of our $125 flat rate to change any lock and we will install a new cylinder into your existing jimmy-proof deadbolt.

If you are only using the bottom lock (door knob) we highly recommend installing a jimmy-proof deadbolt. We charge $225 for professional installation of a jimmy-proof deadbolt. It is important to note that the lock will be professionally installed. An improperly installed deadbolt is not only difficult to operate on a daily basis (the key will be difficult to turn) but it is also much less secure and can even lock you out once it breaks. Your building super most likely does not possess the skills to correctly install this type of lock - it is worth having it done by a professional.