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56 7th Avenue South New York, NY 10014
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Personalized Castle Keys Made in our West Village NYC Store

Philip Mortillaro owner of Greenwich Locksmiths poses with his castle keys. Photo by Alex Kroke

NYC tour guide Megan Marod (@themegandaily) stopped by our store to show off the lovely castle key we made for her

Castle keys are elegant jewelry quality skeleton keys that look like an antique key but function as your actual house key

Selection of Castle Keys available at Greenwich Locksmiths

In a different time, all keys were works of art. Locks were for the wealthy and having a key was a status symbol. Artisans of the time crafted beautiful and symbolic ornamental heads for these keys. Greenwich Locksmiths continues this tradition by fabricating your ordinary apartment keys into beautiful pieces of functional art. The quality of our work is on a separate level – your key will be made with the head of an actual skeleton key! We have many different styles available, so take a look at our selection and choose your favorite.

Philip Mortillaro hand crafts each key in our West Village locksmith shop

A pair of castle keys made at Greenwich Locksmiths

The Princess Crown key (pictured above to the left) is one of our most popular designs!

Each castle key made by Greenwich Locksmiths is of the highest quality. We personalize every key in our shop to fit perfectly and operate easily. We only use premium quality hardware to fabricate your key. Each one is a unique work of handcrafted art by Philip Mortillaro.

New York City Style Icon Emma Rogue stopped by Greenwich Locksmiths to get a castle key made

We can make you a castle key no matter where you live

Not in NYC? No problem! Just send your key in a FedEx or UPS envelope to our store:

Greenwich Locksmiths
56 7th Avenue South
New York, NY 10014

You will receive your original key back along with your beautiful new key.