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56 7th Avenue South New York, NY 10014
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Copy Keys at our West Village NYC Store

When finding where to copy keys NYC can be a confusing place. Greenwich Locksmiths duplicates all kinds of keys including apartment front door keys, building keys, elevator keys, Medeco and Mul-T Lock keys, high security keys, vintage and modern automotive keys, foreign and domestic automotive keys and even electronic RFID key fobs and access cards.

New Yorkers have been coming to Greenwich Locksmiths from all five boroughs (and beyond) for over four decades because the keys we make work every time.

Greenwich Locksmiths is the best key copying NYC has to offer

Greenwich Locksmiths offers key duplication services in our West Village NYC store

Many shops claim to copy keys, but they are not experts. Some even ask you to leave your keys with them for an hour so they can make them somewhere else. This is both unnecessary and dangerous as these places are unlicensed and not vetted. Hardware stores and shoe repair places try their best, but they are not always familiar with the unique brands and types of keys here in New York City. Keys made at these places often do not work. It is not worth your time to go back and forth.

We copy keys nobody else can

Mul-T Lock Junior Key Duplication in West Village NYC

Our shop is known for making hard-to-find keys such as Mul-T (Multi) Lock keys, Medeco Biaxial, Liberty, Patriot and M3 Freedom and Gotham keys, Medeco elevator keys, Chicago/Duo double-sided elevator keys, Lockwood, Arrow, “Topsecnyc.com 917-460-9222” keys, LSDA keys, MX keys, US Lock keys, Sargent Keso keys and KABA Gemini keys. We even cut vintage automotive keys as well as modern transponder chip car keys and clone/copy RFID key fobs.

Have old school keys? No problem – Greenwich Locksmiths repairs antique locks and duplicates skeleton keys.

Better than a key kiosk or key copy machine

Automated kiosks only copy basic keys and are often more expensive than us. Only an expert key maker understands the individual processes associated with duplicating the variety of lock and key varieties that are found here in New York City. Our shop has nine different well-maintained machines for duplicating keys from not only New York but all over the world. Our keys are always inspected by a human being and guaranteed to work. You never have anything to worry about.

Here are just some of the many brands of keys we copy at our West Village store:

Medeco elevator, M3, Freedom, Gotham, Patriot and Liberty keys

Medeco keys are not easy to duplicate. Sure, some hardware stores may try to copy basic Medeco keys. However, without understanding how the unique Medeco system works, your key may be very difficult to use or more likely not work at all. We have been Medeco dealers for decades and know exactly how to duplicate even the most sophisticated versions of these keys including elevator keys, high security M3 keys such as Gotham and Freedom, biaxial keys such as Liberty and Patriot, and even the newest generation of M4 keys.

Mul-T (Multi) Lock Interactive, Junior and MT5 / MTS key

Mul-T Lock keys have their own distinct look, a flat key with “laser cut” dimples along the length of the key. These keys are very popular in NYC. We copy all varieties of Mul-T Lock keys including Junior, Interactive and MT5. One common misconception is that you need a special authorization card to get these keys made. The truth is that while in some cases you do, more often than not we are able to make your key from just the key itself while you wait.

Schlage house keys and commercial Everest / Primus keys

The SC1 key is one of the most popular keys in the USA. We can copy them for you more quickly and accurately than anywhere else. Schlage also manufactures a line of high security commercial keys including Everest and Primus systems. We copy these keys as well

Kwikset residential house keys

We copy not only the widely popular KW1 Kwikset key, but other harder to find variants as well. These include the longer versions of the KW1,the Home Depot Kwikset smart key and more.

Yale residential and commercial keys including Yale Real Living smart lock keys

Yale Lock Company is one of the oldest lock manufacturers still in business today. They have a wide range of products ranging from the common Y1 key to more sophisticated commercial and institutional keys. They even have a new line of more sophisticated keys that go along with their Real Living smart lock home automation system. We can copy all of these Yale keys for you

Sargent commercial and institutional keys

Sargent brand keys are typically found in institutional environments including hospitals and schools but can also be found in hotels and even high end residential buildings. Don’t waste your time looking for these, Greenwich Locksmiths has the widest range of Sargent keys in stock

Corbin Russwin keys

At one time one of the most popular lock brands in the USA, Corbin Russwin now focuses more on high end commercial master key systems. However, there are plenty of older Corbin Russwin keys still in use. Need a copy of one of these hard to find keys? Come by our store and have it made while you wait!

BEST commercial high security keys

BEST brand high security keys are typically found in institutional/commercial environments as well as housing. We copy BEST keys accurately and reliably

KABA high security keys

Over the years KABA has released many different varieties of high security keys. From the simple to the more complex KABA Gemini. KABA keys are also very popular for housing.