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56 7th Avenue South New York, NY 10014
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Locksmith SoHo NYC Serving 10012 and 10013

Greenwich Locksmiths is the best locksmith SoHo NYC has to offer

Locksmith 10012

Looking for a locksmith in SoHo? If you are looking for a locksmith 10012 can be a difficult zip code to find one in. Greenwich Locksmiths has over 40 years of experience serving the SoHo NYC neighborhood. You might see ads for “locksmiths” who service SoHo, but these are not real shops. Instead they sell your lead to a network of “independent contractors” who pay for the opportunity to exploit you. Greenwich Locksmiths is from the neighborhood. You are dealing with us. We know the neighborhood, we love what we do and most importantly we love our customers.

Greenwich Locksmiths Serves Zip Codes 10012 and 10013

Locksmith 10013

Our store is a couple minutes away in the neighboring West Village neighborhood. We proudly provide a wide range of high quality locksmith services including changing your locks, lock out service and emergency locksmith service for when you have to get into your apartment or business, and even key duplication at our storefront. Have a question? Give us a call! Put our decades of experience to work for you.

Beware of locksmith scams in SoHo (and get a locksmith you can trust)

Greenwich Locksmiths is a locksmith you can trust

Everyone knows that SoHo NYC is an affluent neighborhood, so bad actors target this area with extra vigor. There is no locksmith that knows SoHo better than Greenwich Locksmiths. The reason is simple – we have been in business here for over 40 years. We are real locksmiths not a shoe repair or laundry. We live here. This news story of a woman in SoHo being held against her will by locksmiths she found on the internet is something that sadly happens more than it should. This particular victim was courageous enough to tell her story but the unfortunate truth is that most of these scammers get away with their crimes. The bogus internet listings you see are not real locksmith shops, but rather like a “ghost kitchen” that sells your leads to a network of shady independent contractors like those you see above.

Locksmith SoHo NYC Residential and Commercial Service

Greenwich Locksmiths provides residential and commercial locksmith services in SoHo

We have done work in almost every building in SoHo over the decades and know exactly what to do in order to get your locks working smoothly and securely.

Do you want to replace the locks in your home or business? Whether you live in a six-story walkup or high end SoHo loft, Greenwich Locksmiths has the knowledge and experience to properly service all the different types of old school New York locks you may find in these places.


Greenwich Locksmiths is your SoHo loft locksmith

Expert locksmiths in SoHo

Live in a new building with custom lock hardware? Electronic locks or smart locks? No problem, we always stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies. This allows us to service the newest and most modern locks and systems. It doesn’t matter how complicated your door locks may seem, we are true experts and masters of our craft. Don’t let an amateur tinker with your locks, it’s not worth it. Call a professional locksmith.

Greenwich Locksmiths preserving the neighborhood with the GVSHP

Tapped in with the local SoHo and Greenwich Village community

Over the decades we have forged a strong relationship with the neighborhood we call our home by being a trusted resource for locksmith and security needs.

One of our favorite neighborhood organizations is the Greenwich Village Society of Historical Preservation, or GVSHP for short. This talented group helps advocate for village preservation – making sure the classic buildings of SoHo and Greenwich Village maintain their classic aesthetic beauty and aren’t torn down. We not only repair and restore antique locks and keys but we can supply and install the proper architectual hardware for your loft or brownstone to maintain your aesthetic vision without sacrificing physical security. We are truly committed to being the best locksmith SoHo NYC has to offer.

Greenwich Locksmiths crew in front of our West Village shop in the early 1980s

SoHo is in the middle of the Greenwich Locksmiths service area

Did you know that SoHo used to be called the “South Village” and is still often referred to as such? That just shows you how close Greenwich Locksmiths is to the SoHo neighborhood – it is considered to be a part of Greenwich Village! For decades we have been providing reliable locksmith services to the SoHo neighborhood.

Whether you are locked out, need to change the locks, or have a more complex project in mind, our SoHo locksmith services are only a phone call away!