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56 7th Avenue South New York, NY 10014
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Antique Lock Hardware Repair and Skeleton Key Duplication

Greenwich Locksmiths services all kinds of antique lock lock hardware. Did you buy a piece of antique furniture that didn’t come with a key? Do you want to fit keys for those old-style interior door locks in your pre-war apartment? Or perhaps you have keys for your antique lock, but it is broken? We are collectors of antique locks and enthusiasts as well, so your project is approached with the same passion as if we were doing it for ourselves.

Antique skeleton key duplication in NYC

Greenwich Locksmiths has a large inventory of antique skeleton keys in our West Village locksmith shop

Do you need a spare skeleton key? We duplicate all kinds of antique/vintage skeleton keys, no matter how intricate or old they are.

We have a large selection of authentic skeleton keys imported from Europe that can be modified to fit your lock. These jewelry quality skeleton keys are also for sale in our shop.

Not located in NYC? Don’t worry – you can ship your locks/keys to us and we will fix them or make keys and ship them back to you – anywhere in the world!