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Intercom & Buzzer System Installation & Repair in NYC

If you are looking for intercom installation NYC can be a difficult place to find it. Luckily Greenwich Locksmiths installs and repairs intercom and buzzer systems. We are fully licensed by New York State to service and maintain these systems and have been doing so since 1980

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and repairs intercom systems in the West Village NYC

Intercom and Buzzer System Repair and Troubleshooting

Is your building intercom system acting unreliably? Have one or more components of the system stopped working? Let us take a look! We offer free estimates. Our in depth knowledge of both locks and intercom systems allow us to take a comprehensive approach to troubleshooting and repairing systems. Don’t get sold a new system unless you really need one – it is not always necessary.

Installation and Upgrade of Intercom Security Systems in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Whether you want your existing intercom system upgraded, or do not have an existing system, Greenwich Locksmiths can install a state-of-the-art intercom in your residential or commercial space. Features such as being able to see and talk to visitors as well as buzz your door from your cell phone are now standard. Let us give you a free quote and we can design a system that matches your needs and budget.

Installation/Maintenance of Comelit Brand Intercom Systems

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and repairs Comelit intercom systems in NYC

Comelit intercoms are known for their reliability and advanced features. Greenwich Locksmiths recommends Comelit intercom systems above all else for their durability and flexible solutions. Buzz open the front vestibule door only for package deliveries, view from multiple cameras, and do it all from the easy to use Comelit app.

Installation/Repair of SSS Siedle Brand Intercom Systems

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and repairs SSS Siedle intercom systems in NYC

SSS Siedle intercoms are very high end sophisticated intercoms that were popular years ago. They are a German brand and even have newer more sophisticated products today. Whether you have an old multi-unit SSS Siedle video intercom system, or a state of the art SSS Siedle IP intercom system, Greenwich Locksmiths can get you up and running right away

Installation/Maintenance of Aiphone Brand Intercom Systems

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and repairs Aiphone intercom systems in NYC

Originally from Japan, Aiphone intercoms have withstood the test of time by serving as reliable intercoms to NYC apartment buildings and brownstones alike, as well as commercial spaces. Both their early talk/listen audio only and their later video intercom products were high quality and reliable. Their new stuff today is even more incredible. Is your Aiphone intercom system acting up? Let our extensive knowledge of these systems and how they are configured save you money by only fixing what is broken.

Installation/Maintenance of Lee Dan and Tektone Brand Intercom Systems

Greenwich Locksmiths installs and repairs Lee Dan and Tektone intercom systems in NYC

Lee Dan/Tektone intercoms are the classic New York City intercom system with the “talk” “door” and “listen” buttons. These systems are basic but very reliable. They can always be fixed because of how simple they are. Don’t let someone else tell you there is “nothing that can be done” because “the system is too old” that is simply not true – let us get your building intercom system back up and running without it costing an arm and a leg.

Commercial Intercom System Service

Your intercom is the first impression clients get when visit your space – make sure it is the best it can be (or at least working). We can diagnose issues quickly and affordably so you can get back to business. Want to amaze your clients? Our entry systems can allow remote access, visitor enrollment, and even check your visitors for masks and take their temperature – all contactless. We specialize in providing systems that comply with COVID 19 guidelines.

Residential Apartment Intercom Installation and Repair

Having a broken intercom can be a serious quality of life issue. In today’s world where everything gets delivered, having to go downstairs every time or even miss deliveries can be a serious issue. If your intercom has been broken for a long time let your management company know about us – we give free estimates and have been in business for 40 years. We promise to fix your issue quickly and efficiently!

Looking to upgrade to a video intercom? We offer state of the art intercom systems installed at affordable prices. We love Comelit systems. We can fabricate an entry panel that looks just like your existing one (satisfying landmarks requirements) and put a high tech intercom inside! Our systems can always be used like a conventional intercom – you will have a monitor inside your home that you can see and talk to visitors with and buzz them in. However you can also pair your monitor to your apartment’s WiFi and answer calls from anywhere with the Comelit app. We have installed many of these systems and our customers are always amazed with the quality of the video and how reliably it works. This can also be a huge perk when listing an apartment!

Virtual Doorman / Concierge Systems

Getting a delivery during the day? No problem! Let us set up a 100% IP-based concierge system. Unlock the front door for deliveries, then unlock a designated package room or locker. Getting groceries delivered? No problem – unlock the building grocery refrigerator. Not available to unlock remotely? Issue a PIN that only works a certain number of times or during certain hours. Allow us to automate your intercom / access control needs