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Lock Replacement & Re-Keying

The most common reason for calling us is to change your lock cylinder – fitting new keys to your lock so the old ones no longer work. No matter what kind of deadbolt, door knob of any kind, Medeco, Mul-T Lock etc. we can re-key it for a competitive rate.

Don’t be fooled by the $45 and below service call our competitors claim to charge. Once you are done with their hidden fees and charges it will come out to as much as if not more than what we quoted you – for lower quality work!

Think about it – how can anyone possibly stay in business charging only $45 for a licensed locksmith to drive to you in a company vehicle and provide you with quality lock or cylinder hardware? It is a scam.

In addition to changing your locks, we recommend all New Yorkers have a jimmy-proof deadbolt on their door. Jimmy-proof deadbolts are more secure is because they attach to the door frame (shown in photo) making it much harder to kick in your door. Many Manhattan apartments already have a jimmy-proof deadbolt on the door but the tenant never gets the keys. We can install a new cylinder into your existing jimmy-proof deadbolt.

Jimmy-Proof Segal Deadbolt Top Lock Professionally Installed by Greenwich Locksmiths in NYC

If you only have a bottom lock (door knob) we highly recommend installing a jimmy-proof deadbolt. It is important to note that your lock will be professionally installed

Why does a professionally installed lock matter?

Lock installation and maintenance requires a different skill set than carpentry, construction and other maintenance activities. Just because a lock is on your door doesn’t mean it is installed properly. Your building super may not possess the skills to properly install locks and might not be licensed. Think about it, does your key work the first time you try, immediately upon putting it into the lock? Is the lock loose when turning the knob or handle? Not only can these problems place you in a dangerous situation by preventing you from getting into your apartment quickly, but also makes it much easier for anyone trying force their way in. Only a licensed locksmith has the proper training and experience to install a new lock properly and identify security vulnerabilities in your existing locks.