Get your keys made while you wait at our store - 56 7th Avenue South between Morton and Commerce StreetsGetting keys made that work here in New York City is not always simple. Hardware stores that have a key machine are not locksmiths, and most of the time the keys they make don't work. Automated machines only copy basic keys and are more expensive than us. We understand the individual processes associated with duplicating the variety of lock and key manufacturers that are prevalent here in New York City. Our shop has nine different well-maintained machines for duplicating keys from not just New York but all over the world. Our keys are guaranteed to work so you never have anything to worry about.

We are known for making hard-to-find keys such as Mul-T (Multi) Lock keys, Medeco Biaxial, Liberty, Patriot and M3 Freedom and Gotham keys, Medeco elevator keys, Chicago/Duo double-sided elevator keys," 917-460-9222" keys, LSDA keys, MX keys, US Lock keys, Sargent Keso keys and KABA Gemini keys. We even cut vintage automotive keys as well as modern transponder chip car keys and clone/copy RFID key fobs.

We make keys for the following manufacturers:

Medeco Logo

Greenwich Locksmiths cuts Mul-T Lock keys

Greenwich Locksmiths cuts Schlage keys

Greenwich Locksmiths cuts Kwikset keys

Greenwich Locksmiths cuts Yale keys

Greenwich Locksmiths cuts Sargent keys

Greenwich Locksmiths cuts Corbin Russwin keys

Greenwich Locksmiths cuts BEST keys

Greenwich Locksmiths cuts KABA keys

Please keep in mind not all keys are duplicable by themselves, some require identification cards and for certain keys we require a letter on company stationary authorizing the individual to make a specific amount of copies. Some transponder car keys require the vehicle to be present in order to make the key.

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