Greenwich Locksmiths is fully licensed by New York State to service and install access control systems and has been doing so for over 40 years.

Greenwich Locksmiths Installs Key Card Entry Access Control Systems in New York City

Card Access Control / Entry System Repair & Troubleshooting

Is your access control system operating the way it should be? Is a particular card or fob not working anymore? Is a door that used to open no longer opening when you present a valid card or fob? Maybe you have a system but can't log into it to add new users or view the live audit trail? Give us a call! We offer free estimates. Our comprehensive understanding of every component of an access control system software and hardware including card readers, key fob types, magnetic locks, electric door releases, key switches, exit buttons and more allow us to quickly identify your issue and solve it as quickly and affordably as possible. Don't let them sell you a brand new system – talk to us first and let us figure out how to get yours up and running based on your needs.

Greenwich Locksmiths Services and Installs HID Brand Access Control Systems Including iClass SE and HID Mobile AccessGreenwich Locksmiths Services and Installs Keri Brand Access Control SystemsGreenwich Locksmiths Services and Installs Paxton Brand Access Control SystemsGreenwich Locksmiths Services and Installs ZKTeco Brand Access Control Systems Including ZK Atlas

Access Control System Installation in NYC

Do you have multiple employees or are you sharing a space with colleagues? An access control system is a great way to keep track of who is accessing what areas at what times. You can custom-tailor an access control policy that works for you. Give users specific access to certain doors at certain times and even get notifications when they access certain areas. Users can use key fobs, biometrics (fingerprint, palm, iris) or even their mobile device. These kinds of door entry systems have never been more advanced or more affordable than they are now. When they are installed by Greenwich Locksmiths, the right system for you is installed professionally and is fully guaranteed and supported by us.

Fully Licensed & 40 Years of Experience Installing Access Control Systems

Greenwich Locksmiths has been installing burglar alarms, access control systems, and intercoms for over 40 years

The photo above is the sticker of a burglar alarm system we installed for one of our first customers near our shop 40 years ago. Greenwich Locksmiths has been installing burglar alarms, access control systems and intercoms for over 40 years. We have always changed with the times adopting new technology and always stand behind our work. It is for this reason that we have been in business for so long and have such a loyal following.

Key Card Entry System Consultation and Upgrade Service

Do you want to make your access control system as secure as possible? Let us perform a free consultation and tell you where your weakpoints are – whether they are the physical locks or the type of credentials you are using. No other shop in NYC has a more in depth understanding of both security hardware and software.

It doesn't matter how strong your locks are if you are using obsolete technology. It doesn't matter how advanced your encryption is if your lock can be pushed open.

A popular service we provide is the upgrade of older systems to NFC key cards/fobs – we prefer the HID iClass SE key fob. As you may know, traditional proximity cards can be easily cloned – it is a service we provide at our store. However an upgrade doesn't mean you have to install a brand new system. We can perform this upgrade by only replacing your reader and giving you new key fobs in most cases. This saves you lots of money, while giving you confidence that the number of key fobs you enrolled is the actual number out there – and none have been cloned.

Biometric Access Control System Installation & Repair

Biometric access control systems have been out for quite some time and some are better than others, but recent improvements have made them even more reliable and affordable. Face, palm, finger, iris or any combination can be used to provide complete authentication. Assign users access permisions the way you would for a traditional access control system. Are you required to use a biometric access control system by regulation? Is your system older and maybe behaving erratically? Let us take a look and get your system reading quickly and consistently without replacing all of your infrastructure.

Mobile Smartphone Access Control System Installation

Key fobs get lost and cloned, or can be given to someone else. A much more secure and convenient way to provide access control is with a mobile device. New systems such as HID Mobile Pass and ZK Atlas provide seamless integration of mobile phones into an existing access control system. Use your Apple Watch as a key fob! You can install this side by side with your existing system so you can still use key fobs and/or biometrics if you would like.

Security Turnstiles / Visitor Management System Installation & Repair in NYC

Is your lobby visitor management system doing its job? There have been many improvements made in the high-volume visitor management field including analytics and integration with CCTV systems to detect suspicious behavior and ensure that guests are going to where they are supposed to be. For access control, many of these older systems are also using proximity-style card credentials. Let us upgrade your visitor management system or install a brand new one today!

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