Greenwich Locksmiths owner Philip Mortillaro is a safe expert. If you need your safe or vault opened or repaired he can help. Greenwich Locksmiths is also a Gardall dealer, so you can buy any safe you see on the Gardall website through us.

In addition to safe opening we provide a full range of services such as safe combination changes and upgrading traditional safe dials to touch keypads.

Philip Mortillaro alongside a vault he just opened Philip Mortillaro of Greenwich Locksmiths opening a vault Philip Mortillaro of Greenwich Locksmiths with a vault he opened

Philip Mortillaro drilling open a vault A vault opened by Philip Mortillaro Philip Mortillaro opening a vault via manipulation Philip Mortillaro in front of a safe he manipulated open Vault opened up by Philip Mortillaro

Below is the trailer for Do Not Duplicate, a documentary about Philip Mortillaro. In the trailer Phil opens up a safe live on camera.


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